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For the future

Former UVA faculty member invests
in Madison House's vision

Before she taught a personal finance course at UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce for almost two decades, and before she served on Madison House’s Board of Directors, Karin Bonding first encountered Madison House in a photograph. 

“I saw a picture on the front page of The Daily Progress of students camped out in the rain waiting to sign up to volunteer,” she remembers. “It was so far beyond anything that I understood about students. It was amazing.”


"I saw a photo of students camped out in the rain waiting to sign up to volunteer. It was so far beyond anything I understood about students — it was amazing."


Not long after seeing that photograph, Karin left her career as a financial analyst to teach a course at the McIntire School that helps graduating students understand basic financial management like investing in stocks and saving for a 401(k). In the late 1990s, as Madison House approached its 25th anniversary, Karin remembers her students asking to explain what endowments were and how they worked.

It was then that Karin Bonding joined Madison House’s Board and helped successfully build the endowment to $1 million.

Karin remembers Madison House’s Big Siblings program fondly, which now has a close partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Blue Ridge.  

“[A student volunteer] and her Little Sibling were running in and out of the columns on Grounds and on The Lawn. They were playing hide and seek and having so much fun,” Karin says. “So many Big Siblings are trying to instill that kind of thing, saying, ‘It’s possible that you can study here, too.’”

Serving on Madison House’s Board of Directors helped Karin appreciate the talent, dedication and persistence of Madison House’s student volunteers. Living in Charlottesville, Karin runs into former students and Madison House leaders and admires their continued commitment to making a difference through public service.

Karin retired a little over a year ago, though an endowment ensures that the personal finance course she began will continue. Impressed by Madison House’s impact on both students and the community, Karin became a Friend of Madison House and included Madison House in her will.

“…there are some incredibly talented people in the next generation that will take over from us,” Karin says. “We have to rely on our youth.”


"There are some incredibly talented people in the next generation who will take over from us. We have to rely on our youth."