Madison House thanks the following donors for their financial support in the 2018 - 2019 fiscal year

(July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019).

$250 - $999

Laura R. Lavan and Roger M. Lavan

* Anna Levin and Tal Rosen

* Alice T. Lilly and Michael P. Lilly

Eric I. Lisman and Mary Beth Lisman

Benjamin P. Liu

* Michael P. Loeffelman

* Sarah Avery Logue

* Michael J. Lubash III

Eric M. MacBlane

* Heidi A. MacBlane and Martin R. MacBlane

Jessica Malasek and Jan Malasek

Management Services Corporation

* Michele P. Claibourn and Paul S. Martin

Katie A. May and Timothy B. May

Rebecca E. McCall

Catherine D. McCarthy and Marion P. Myers

Donna P. McDonald and Michael B. McDonald

Kathryn Belknap McElwain and Larry J. McElwain

Elizabeth Mitchell and Matthew S. Mendelsohn

Casey D. Merolla and Mark A. Merolla

* Pamela Connolly Minetti and T. Guy Minetti

* Taylor A. Montes de Oca

James W. Moses and Judith M. Moses

* Gary S. Nimax

* Veronica Rose Nolan and Kareem M. El-Alaily

North Grounds Softball League

Lanvi Vuong O'Malley and Bryan O'Malley

Tanya F. Otsuka and Matthew J. Allman

* Sharon B. Parente and John W. Risner

Park Hill Farm & Lumber Company

* Mary Cary W. Peterson and Clifton M. Peterson

Patricia L. Petkosek and John P. Petkosek

Jody L. Pfotenhauer and Scott A. Pfotenhauer

G. Mark Phillips Jr. and Karen J. Phillips

William L. Polk Jr. and Carolyn K. Polk

Anissa Rembert

* Christina A. Richardson and David L. Richardson

Robert W. Riordan and Mona Riordan

Sharon C. Ritt

Malinda E. Dunn and Mark D. Rocke

Nicole L. Rogers and Michael P. Rogers

* Elizabeth H. Rowlett and W. Taylor Rowlett

Mara V. Rumana and Christopher S. Rumana

Tamarah Harris Saif

Joshua B. Sandbulte and Tracey M. Strauss

Elizabeth A. Schanz

Cynthia Showalter Schmitz

Eugene R. Schutt Jr. and Cynthia L. Schutt

* Peter H. Shea

Kathryn Shelton and David Shelton

Leila S. Shenkir and William G. Shenkir

* Bonnie L. Shute

Julious P. Smith, Jr. and Sherrill P. Smith

Morgan Crawford Smith and Michael A. Smith

Rosamond Parker Smythe and Daniel T. Smythe

* Lenore J. Sprague and Robert I. Sprague, MD

Lucy Squarzini

Kathryn E. Stallings and Stanley R. Chiu

Mark S. Stanis

Cheryl L. Stemberger and Edward J. Stemberger

Sarah Kate Stephenson and James R. Funk

Silvija Strikis and Miguel Browne

* Justin A. Stutler and Sara Stutler

Jill H. Sullender and Joseph M. Sullender

Daniel R. Taylor

Haile Tesfamariam and Zewditu Tekleberhan

The Bernard & Ruth Rothfeld Children's Foundation

The Running Club At UVA

* Elsie Wilson Thompson and William M. Thompson Jr.

Blair A. Thompson

Tryna G. Thompson and Timothy G. Newman

Megan E. Trostle

* Kelly Titus Trout and Douglas F. Trout

* Ann Q. Tydings and Michael J. Tydings

UVA Department of Physics

Hatsy Vallar and Scott W. Vallar

Bruce J. Valliant and Mary Ellen Valliant

Virginia Women's Chorus

Elizabeth T. Watts

Elizabeth D. Weiner and Alan L. Weiner

Deirdre Smith and Timothy D. Wilson


    Anonymous (6)

Stephen B. Altizer and Anne B. Altizer

Marie-Christine Amat and Thierry G. Amat

Tonia Sanborn Anderson and Scott R. Anderson

* Frank A. Anton

* Desha A. Armengol and Carlos E. Armengol Jr., MD

Janet S. Baellow and Ronald L. Baellow

Stephen B. Bandini

Sherrill P. Bandlow and Joseph L. Bandlow Jr.

Casey E. Bartok

Tangier T. Bates

* Hanna Kaska Bishop and Thomas B. Bishop Jr.

* Susan Kuhn Blank, MD and Jonathan T. Blank

Wayne E. Boley

* Stephanie L. Bolton

* Erin F. Bond and William O. Bond

* Jennifer L. Bonenfant and David L. Bonenfant

Christiana Yu Bonham and David B. Bonham

Emily M. Brown

* Melanie C. Bryan and Joel N. Bryan

* Cheryl Thompson Byron and Robert G. Byron

Carolyn M. Callahan and Michael S. Caldwell ∞

Sally Coonrad Carroll and David C. Carroll

Tara L. Casey and Alan W. Dow III, MD

Nancy E. Artis-Caton and Douglas E. Caton

Cathryn T. Chapman

Neil K. Choudhary

Monica J. Choudhury

Michael J. Citro

Scott R. Cohen

* Elizabeth P. Coughter and Jeffrey P. Coughter

Kerry L. Crosby and Alfred J. Crosby

Laura Reese Pate Cunningham and Paul S. Cunningham, MD

Sarah Dalton

* Christine A. Dawson

Elizabeth B. DeRose and Christopher M. DeRose

Meline Dickson and David Dickson

Allison Cryor DiNardo and Robert B. DiNardo

Kimberly A. Dobzyniak and Matter A. Dobzyniak

Sally Ovenshine Dockter and Scott A. Dockter

Lucy Q. Dong and Kevin Y. Liu

* Stephanie K. Doupnik

Bob W. Downes and Mary Ann Downes

Adeeb R. Fadil

Dongwei Fan and Benjian Yang

Elizabeth G. Farrell

Kathleen P. Farrell and Timothy P. Farrell

Sarah P. Farrell

Robert Y. Fidler Jr., MD

* Karen Flagg and Michael J. Flagg

* Mary Nora Ford

Kristen R. Fournier

* Cynthia S. Fredrick and John A. Piller

Theodore Freeman and Mary M. Peironnet

* Eric S. Fromer, MD

Rhett W. Gano

Christopher P. Gezon

* Sally Gieck and Joseph H. Gieck

* Laura Melendy Gogal and David J. Gogal

Evan R. Goldman

Milena S. Golshan and Robert Golshan

Megan E. Greatorex

Sara Duke Grey and John R. Grey IV

* Bryce J. Griffler

Stephanie Branum Grubbs and Charles W. Grubbs

* Virginia Hilton Hallock

* Tina F. Heelan and Brian E. Heelan

* Felicia R. Hendrix and John T. Hendrix

* Suzanne M. Hengl

Bonnie Pavlenda Hobgood and Hudson M. Hobgood

* Meryl J. Japha and Ronald D. Japha

* Mark Jaros

Kristin Rae Jensen and Mina C. Faltas

Christopher J. Johnson

Ethan H. Jorgensen-Earp

Constance E. Kapp and Jason P. Kapp

Sara E. Morningstar and Philip Katz

Nicole Zirk Keens and Michael L. Keens

Christine Van Rooy Keppel and Robert Keppel

Laura R. Kohlroser and William R. Kohlroser

* Michael D. Krulfeld


*Donors who have made gifts to Madison House for at least 5 consecutive years