Madison House thanks the following donors for their financial support in the 2018 - 2019 fiscal year

(July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019).

$1,000 - $4,999

  Alexis George McBride

  Mary Pyles McElveen and J. C. McElveen Jr.

* Robin Kimbrough-Melton and Gary B. Melton

  Rachel S. Lloyd Miller and James F. Miller

Sherri B. Moore and A. Preston Moore Jr.

  Bruce R. Murray and James B. Murray Jr.

* Ngoc-Ha Thi Nguyen and Lam N. Pham

* Judy Nunley and Richard L. Nunley

  Stuart M. Pape and Virginia N. Pape

  Robert G. Partlow and Sarah H. Partlow

  Emily Pirzadeh

* Kimberly A. Pritchard

  Shelley Jones Rudge and Andrew W. Rudge

  Eric I. Schwartz

  Scott A. Somer

  Gib and Platt Staunton

  Philip M. Steinmeyer

* Eileen McMullen Stephens and William A. Stephens

  Christopher Dong-Min Suh

  Natalie A. Tallis and Hans C. Tallis

* Emily Graham Teeter, MD and Donald R. Teeter Jr.

  Laura Yamhure Thompson and Trevor Thompson

 * Joann S. Walker and Henry M. Walker Jr.

  Yvonne Guy Watterson and John S. Watterson III

  Kay H. Watterson and Stuart G. Watterson

  Shari Wayne and Steven Wayne

  Laura Visser Weis and Barton D. Weis, MD

  Whole Foods Market Group, Inc.

* Will Barrow Memorial Tournament

* Freddie M. Williams, MD

  Elizabeth S. Williams and David P. Williams


     Anonymous (2)

* James E. Ballowe Jr.

  Susan E. Bartee and Kenneth R. Bartee

  Zachary J. Bartee

  Robin M. Bergen and Janine Hackett

* Better Living Foundation

* David S. Birdsell

  Kelli Sutton Block and Andrew K. Block Jr.

  J. Marshall Burke

  Millie A. Cathcart and Rip Cathcart

* Stacy Fleck Cunningham and Kevin J. Cunningham

  Anant Das

* Tracy Meade Delgado and Joseph Delgado

  Victoria A. Drummond and Tim Drummond

  Kathryn Howard Eckert and Douglas E. Eckert

  Pamela F. Edmonds and Franklin S. Edmonds Jr.

* John K. Edwards

  Melissa W. Fountain and Frank Fountain

  Vicki S. Freilich, MD and James W. Freilich, MD

* Tim Freilich

  Ryan B. French

* Ashley George Gill and Scott A. Gill

  Shandon B. Gunter

  Claudia S. Haltom and William H. Haltom

  Erin Korte Hatten

  Landon Hilliard III and Mary Cary Myers Hilliard

  Mary D. Hinkle and Wade P. Hinkle

  Lara E. Ignaczak and Anthony R. Ignaczak

* John F. Jebb III

  Darren King

  Macy H. Lenox and Michael J. Lenox


*Donors who have made gifts to Madison House for at least 5 consecutive years