Madison House thanks the following donors for their financial support in the 2016 - 2017 fiscal year (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017).

$1,000 - $2,499

* John F. Jebb, III, PhD
   Edwin C. Knutson and Theresa Paluszkiewicz
* Michael D. Krulfeld
   Kirsten A. Lamhaouar and Najib Lamhaouar
   Macy Hale Lenox and Michael J. Lenox
   Georganne W. Long and Stephen P. Long
   James F. Miller and Rachel S. Lloyd Miller
   Emily Pirzadeh
   Kimberly A. Pritchard
   Jenna H. Schultz
   Elizabeth G. Staunton and Platt B. Staunton
* Eileen McMullen Stephens and William A. Stephens
* Emily Graham Teeter, MD and Donald R. Teeter, Jr.
* Joshua T. Thornhill IV, MD
* Ann Quate Tydings and Michael J. Tydings
* P. Ryan Vaughan and Melinda McEuen Vaughan
   Laura Visser Weis and Barton D. Weis, MD
* Freddie M. Williams
   Jennifer Hubbard Winslow, MD and Frank Winslow
   Edith B. Witchger


   Tracey C. Anderson and Christopher R. Anderson
   Anonymous (1)
   Atlantic Research Group, Inc.
* James E. Ballowe, Jr.
   Sharon Dodd Benson
   Robin M. Bergen and Janine Hackett
* David S. Birdsell
   Patricia M. Brady
   Kathryn E. Stallings and Stanley R. Chiu
   Kevin J. Cunningham and Stacy Fleck Cunningham
   Malinda E. Dunn and Mark D. Rocke
* John K. Edwards
   Dana Morton Emery and Robert L. Emery
   Sarah P. Farrell
   Vicki S. Freilich, MD and James W. Freilich, MD
   Tim Freilich and Leigh Freilich
   Barbara J. Fried
   Scott A. Gill and Ashley George Gill
   William H. Haltom and Claudia S. Haltom
   Margaret G. Haltom
   Julia M. Jarosz and John C. Jarosz


*Donors who have made gifts to Madison House for at least 5 consecutive years