Dear Friends of Madison House,


Like many of you, I volunteered in the community through Madison House during my time as a student at the University of Virginia. In the months since I returned to Madison House as Executive Director, I have been inspired on a daily basis by the hard work of our volunteers, student leaders, and community partners. The positive impact of Madison House programs continues to grow, as it has for more than 45 years.

There are now more than 30,000 of us who are alumni of both the University and Madison House. We know that Madison House makes the U.Va. experience more engaging, more meaningful, and more memorable. Madison House alumni have a greater appreciation of the community beyond Grounds and a deeper love for the University. We understand how strong partnerships formed in our surrounding community can transform lives. 

Student-led volunteer programs are the heart and soul of Madison House. Last year our volunteers worked in local schools, hospitals, food banks, shelters, and with many other partners who together form the fabric of our community. Last year, like every year, student leaders proudly carried on the Madison House traditions of leadership, service, and community.

This year we’re working to enrich the experiences of our student leaders and volunteers. We’re increasing leadership opportunities and training, providing greater community context, and encouraging reflection. We’re exploring new partnerships in the community as well as at the University. We’ve spruced up the building, upgraded our systems, and begun laying the groundwork for ambitious improvements in programs, outreach, and fundraising. 

I remember my student years fondly. My best memories, though, were from my time at Madison House. I hope you’ll join me in working to ensure that Madison House continues to be a central part of the University experience. With your help, the students of today will graduate with the expertise, conviction, and compassion they need to continue the Madison House legacy of leadership and service far beyond Grounds, and long after graduation.

Thank you for your support.

Tim Freilich, Executive Director


U.Va. students volunteered with Madison House in the 2014-2015 academic year


Community partner sites throughout the region in the 2014-2015 academic year


Hours served by Madison House volunteers in the 2014-2015 academic year


2014-2015 Board of Directors

Jennifer Bonenfant (Co-Chair)
Paige McDermott (Co-Chair)
Jessica Blusiewicz
Stephanie Bolton
Lia Cattaneo (Secretary)
Elizabeth Coughter
Valerie Gregory
Jay Klingel
Patricia Lampkin
Christy Lee
Mary Elizabeth Luzar
Paul Martin
Andrew McBride
Grey McLean
Jim Miller
Ned Parrish
Katherine Rhyne
Carly Spraggins
Mark Stanis (Treasurer)
Mike Terry
Kevin Whitehead



Tim Freilich
Executive Director

Tad Derrick
Graduate Assistant

Jasmine Lewis
Business Manager

Victoria Long
Director of Communications

Maggie Patton
Director of Development

Faran Saeed
Volunteer Programs Coordinator

Rachel Winters
Director of Community Engagement

Head program directors

Caroline Trezza

Animals & Environment
Eda Herzog-Vitto

Elise Gordon
Big Siblings
Allie Iaccarino
Bridging the Gap
Shantell Bingham

Cavs in the Classroom
Allie Rhea  
Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope
Barnaby Lo

Day Care
Jamie Wasserman
English for Speakers of Other Languages
Catherine Jessee

Stephen Giannotti

Holiday Sharing
Ellen Schleckman

Hoos Assisting with Life Obstacles
Taylor Jordan
Housing Improvement
Morgan Matson
Medical Services
Anam Jafri & Chrissy Oetjen
Latino & Migrant Aid
Katie Thompson

PLAY: After-School Activities
Zack Bartee

Recreational Therapy
Lindsay Ardiff
Ashley Dustin
Youth Mentoring
Rachel Ford-Fink